Day 18 Zimmerman Trial (UPDATED)


The next witness, Plasants (Zimmermans online professor) joined the witness crew and was sworn in via Skype! After the camera revealed the Skype address a numerous amount of people began calling in. After dealing with the Skype Malfunction,Judge Nelson ordered Skype be turned off and proceed with an over the phone testimony. Slight audio problems made the conversation hard to hear, however they proceeded with questioning and Clarified any misconception. Plasant taught criminal investigation (a course that discusses constitutional issues and different types of crime) at Seminole State college for three years. He instructed George back in 2011. He states during the “introductory” part of the course Zimmerman unveils his goal was to become an attorney and eventually a prosecutor. This account was given JUNE 23,2011. States exhibit #201 (packet of textbook excerpts) was used in connection with the textbook. The textbook was used however it was discovered YOU DID NOT HAVE TO READ THE ENTIRE TEXTBOOK .The professor pointed out although it was an online course there were outside discussions one could participate in. Escorted by Deputy Jarvis, Amy siewert was the next witness! Siewert was questioned as a 17 Time QUALIFIED EXPERT in this case due to her credentials. She obtained a bachelors degree in chemistry. Siewert currently works for FDLE in the crime laboratory analysis firearms unit. Before moving to the analysis department she previously worked as a forensic technologists for 5 years dealing with firearms. She explained her job description as such: examining firearms, examining firearm evidence, and distance determination. She was given case exhibit #120501890 (which was the gun used in the shooting) Semi-automatic Pistol 9mm. After her visual demonstration on loading and firing the pistol,a series of questions,and after revealing the GUN POWDER ON TRAYVONS HOODIE it was determined THE GUN WAS TOUCHING TRAYVON MARTINS HOODIE when he was shot. Court will resume at 1:45 !!!!! DON’T MISS IT!!

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